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Lab Model Tablet Press

We make Lab Model Tablet Press which is popularly known as Mini Press or Mini Tablet Press. There are 2 models one is with pre-compression with front controls and other one without. Pharmacy College, R & D companies and small Laboratories buy this. Colleges use this Mini Press or Lab Model Tablet Press to demonstrate the students as to how the tablet is compressed. Mini press has 8 station D tooling 10 station B tooling.

  • Perfect for Research & Development.
  • Turret of SG IRON 500/7 Graded Casting.
  • High Versatility and Superior through Compact Design.
  • Easy compacting of filling depth, tablet thickness & tamping tablet thickness.
  • Over load pressure release mechanism.
  • Output varied through AC Variable Frequency Drive from the control panel.
Model MP- 8D MP- 10 MP- 8D MP- 10B
No . Of Stations 8 10 8 10
Tooling D B D B
Max.Output (hr) 25,200 25,200 25,200 25,200
Max . Pressure 4 Tons 4 Tons 4 Tons 4 Tons
Pre-Compression 1 Ton 1Ton
Max . Tablet Dia. 23 mm 16 mm 23 mm 16 mm
Max . Dpt of Fill 20 mm 17.4 mm 20 mm 17.4 mm
Main Motor 2 H.P.. 1.5 H.P. 2 H.P. 1.5 H.P.

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