Features of Rapid mixer granulator

The rapid mixer granulator is a considered mixer used for mixing substances homogeneously and uniformly through angled mixer blades and choppers (beater or agitators). The material is mixed in equal proportion upon mixing and a uniform shaped product is achieved at last without any lumps.

Do the rapid mixers have any salient features?

  • For assisting powder blending and breaking of product, a high-speed mixer granulator gets used with horizontal walls for uneven size granules, especially wet granulation.
  • The rapid mixer granulator shaft and stirrer drive shaft gets used so as to operate the purge sealing system well
  • The bowl design can be in three portions namely conical top portion, a mid-portion and flat bottom that provides counterbalance lid for effective mixing.
  • Along with the charging nozzle, vent filter, and nozzle connection, a lid is provided
  • It has good food grade silicone gasket
  • The chopper usually contain 4 blades impeller

The working principle of mixer:

A bottom entry agitator is responsible for the effective working of the rapid mixer. The agitator is well mounted onto a chopper. The main or key purpose of it is to wet mix, dry blend, granulation, and prepare the dough. It can effectively cut material into small sized granules. Agitation of content or material is the main principle first at moderate speed and then at running at profiled cutter speed. The material is cut into a small size that presents the end product.

The drying of material or content can take around 3-5 minutes which is followed by mixing the ingredients. The wet mixing usually takes around 5-10 minutes so as to wet material during the granulation process into 0.5- 1.5mm granules.

The time consumed in the finest processing very well depends on the quantity of ingredients and particle size.

You can get the granulator at a reasonable price.

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