Hair Oil Manufacturing Plant

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Hair Oil Manufacturing Plant

General :

Hair oil manufacturing plant

 Hair Oil is typically viscous liquids, either transparent or opaque. They come in various types from standard hair oils, ayurvedic, herbal, medicinal, etc, and cater to different kinds of hairs.

Manufacturing Process :

Hair oils are one of the simplest to manufacture. Hair oil is manufactured in a simple stirring type vessel at a slow speed. The different types of oil bases are mixed as per the formulae, and then active ingredients are added. Perfuming is done and then directly taken for filling.

VESSELS REQUIRED FOR Hair Oil Manufacturing Plant –


Manufacturing vessel is cylindrical vessels with dished bottom vessels. Top of the vessel loose lid Agitator assembly in the manufacturing vessel., slow speed Anchor agitator or paddle type agitator. We offer the bottom outlet. It requires no additional gadgets for manufacturing hair oil.


A storage vessel is a simple vessel used to store Hair Oils. It is a cylindrical type of vessel with dished bottom, loose top lid. The bottom valve is provided with din fittings to facilitate the pipeline connection. Its capacity is the same as the