IPC Lifting & Positioning Device

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IPC Lifting & Positioning Device

We are offering IPC Lifting & Positioning Device. Lifting is custom designed to lift units and position any type of container. These units are constructed using various standard assemblies which offer individual solution to each application of solid dosage manufacturing and also for liquid compounding operation. This system is evolved to achieve dust free transfer of in-process materials enhancing. GMP standard and simultaneously eliminating laborious manual operation.

The Lifting & Positioning Unit / IPC Bin loader is used to transfer and discharge the material dust-free and without human touch in pharmaceutical industries for Load powder into Tablet Compression Machine’s hopper.
It consists of a mainframe, Bin fixing arm, Hydraulic lifting device, and pivot base. This mainframe move 360 degrees on the axis, and Bin fixing arm move upward and downward in the frame by hydraulic cylinder and power pack system.

IPC bins or the integrated process bins are special types of containers used in the handling of special chemical powders, dusts and granular materials mainly in the pharmaceutical industries. This process is done to create a dust free operation and ensure no human contamination occurs. There is total control of containment, and cross contamination is not possible.

Bin Blender is a free fall blender to meet the need if the volume of a container is not good enough for the batch. It is also useful as a fixed clamped blending container. It can be custom designed as per the requirements. The bin blender can perform the installation & extension function no matter what the shape of the bin like square, rectangular, round or double cone.

An IBC Blender (Intermediate Bulk Container) is an highly efficient blending and mixing container. The advantage of this container is the irregular shape and that they can be charged or discharged away from the mixer. The blender will not be contaminated with the product during the process hence saving valuable time.

Design Features

The equipment is designed with cylindrical body and tapered bottom with a large sized lid for easy cleaning process. They are made from stainless steel material such as SS 316, and mounted onto detachable stands designed according to the user requirements.

The moveable container/Bin bringing placed beneath the fixing arm, operate the hydraulic drive system, which lifts the arm with the container and it raises the container till it gets stops exactly in a position, slew the column to swivel the bin over an inlet of the next processing equipment. It could be unloaded by the opening of a butterfly on the whatever next processing equipment. We are one of the leading manufacturers and suppliers of Hydraulic Lifting.

This is used for transferring the material dust-free and without human intervention in pharmaceutical industries for Loading powder into RMG bowl, hopper of tablet press, Loading the tablet into the hopper of blister pack & Coating Machine and online sifting and milling. It’s the desirable transferring equipment in the pharmaceutical industry for the solid dosage sector. Meanwhile, it can be widely used in such areas as the raw medicine material industry, chemical industry, foodstuff industry, etc.
Lifting and positioning device is especially designed for lifting the IPC’s or storage bins and positions the same upon the destination equipment to charge the same. A tilting facility can be provided in an option of the positioning where the product container of FBD has to be emptied, and the material has to be charged to process equipment.

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IPC lifter (Lifting & Positioning Device)



All contact parts are in SS 316 and non contact parts are cladded with SS 304



SS 304 cladded houses hydraulic cylinder



400 mm dia with bearings for 180 degree rotation.



Required through anchor fastner bolts



C type arm provided suited to fit into the IPC bins and locking system is provided with the IPC bin


Motor Hp for lifting

Suitable Hp as per model required


Hydraulic system

Power pack with pump and suitable non return valve is provided for up & down system


Lifter pillar rotation.

0 – 180 degree & 180 – 0 degree rotation of the ipc lifter can be achieved for suitable positioning of IPC bin above any machines as required


Control Panel

Will be fitted on the pillar. It will have the following functions

1.               Lift up / down through inching switch

2.               Emergency stop.

3.               Limit switches are provided for max lift and max lowering heights on the pillar.



All contact parts are polished to mirror finish and non contact parts are polished to matt finish.

  • Base foundation design hence no breaking of false ceiling for fixing the lifter.
  • Occupies very less space.
  • Tapered roller bearing for effortless manual rotation.
  • Hydraulic lifting & lowering system.
  • Positioning arm customized as per clients room layout and requirements.
  • IPC containers of different sizes can be loaded on the same lifter.
  • Mobile IPC lifters can be taken anywhere in the plant for different applications.
  • Lifting, Lowering speed can be adjusted.
  • Control panel provided on the machine.
  • Hydraulic power pack kept on the service floor or inside the base itself.
  • AVAILABLE CAPACITIES : 30 Kg to 250 Kg.