Shampoo Manufacturing Plant

Know about our shampoo manufacturing plant

Shampoo Manufacturing Plant

We are one of the topmost manufacturers, suppliers, and exporters of premium quality Shampoo Manufacturing Plant. These plants are enormously appreciated for their steady performance, minimum maintenance, easy operations, and low power consumption. Available with us at industry leading prices, these manufacturing plants are highly appreciated among our customers.

Shampoos are typically viscous liquids, either clear or opaque (pearlized), containing 20–40% solids, adjusted to approximately pH 5.5. Most, but not all, have viscosities in the ratio of 500–1500 centipoises. A hair shampoo may be defined as a detergent specifically formulated for washing hair and packaged in a user-convenient form. Typically, a shampoo must clean well, rinse quickly, impart gloss to the hair, minimize tangle and not damage the hair structure, scalp, or eyes.

Shampoo Manufacturing Plants are useful in the manufacturing of a variety of shampoos including baby shampoos, protein shampoos, herbal shampoos etc. Our shampoo manufacturing plant is quite in demand due to its high-tech features that are preferred by professional shampoo manufacturers.

Our shampoo production plant complies with all major standards such as WHO-GMP, cGMP etc. Stay competitive by choosing our herbal shampoo making machine that offers optimum outputs, easy operation and it doesn’t need much manpower to achieve the production output you expect.

Shampoo production plant manufactured by us comes with key systems including the following:

Main Shampoo Manufacturing Vessel

 Manufacturing vessel is cylindrical vessels with dished bottom vessels. The top of the vessel is also dished end welded. Agitator assembly in the manufacturing vessel., slow speed Anchor agitator is provided in the manufacturing vessel. However, for best results, contra-rotating or semi contra-rotating agitators are generally preferred by most of the manufacturers for the excellent quality of the shampoo produced. CIP turbo disk is provided at the top of the vessel for cleaning. Suitable nozzles, manholes, valves, etc., are provided on the vessel. The vessel can also be provided with a jacket, which can be used for both heating and cooling if required by the client. The manufacturing vessel can be subjected to a full vacuum.


 Premixing Vessel

 A premixing vessel is a cylindrical vessel with dished bottom vessels. The vessel’s top is also dished end welded or can be provided with a loose lid. Agitator assembly in the premix vessel. It is a high-speed cowl/ saw cutter type agitator. In some cases, a high-speed homogenizer is also provided. CIP turbo disk is provided at the top of the vessel for cleaning. Suitable nozzles, manholes, valves, etc., are provided on the vessel. The vessel is provided with a jacket for heating. The jacket can be steam heated or electrically heated as per the client’s requirement. 

Suitable insulation and cladding are provided on the jacket. There is no need for any vacuum in this vessel. Usually, the capacity of this vessel is 60 % of the capacity of the main manufacturing vessel. Premix vessels can be 1 no or 2 nos as per the client’s requirements and formulae of the shampoo.


 Storage Vessel

 A storage vessel is a simple vessel used to store shampoos. It is a cylindrical type of vessel with dished bottom, loose top lid. The bottom valve is provided with din fittings to facilitate the pipeline connection. Its capacity is the same as the manufacturing vessel. Usually, storage tanks are more in number so that different types of shampoos can be manufactured and stored. The filling is then done as per the requirement & market demands.


Control Panel & Automation

 Control panel is provided with all the starters, overload relays, pushbuttons, lamps, circuit breakers, etc. all hardware required for the shampoo manufacturing g plant’s automatic operation is provided in the control panel. Various Automation is available as per client’s requirements, to name a few:

  • PLC based Automation
  • Load cells under each vessel
  • Pneumatically operated valves
  • Any Other custom-built automation
  • Capacities of shampoo manufacturing plants manufactured
  • 200 Ltrs to 20000 ltrs / batch


Features :

  • Sturdy construction
  • Low power consumption
  • Hassle-free operation
  • High endurance

Advantages :

  • Flexible Configuration
  • Simple Operation
  • Can Be Fully Automated
  • Integration into the existing process control system
  • Fast product change over
  • Homogenous product consistency without trapped air bubbles.
  • Mixing, dispersing, and homogenizing in one operation

Capacity: 50 Ltrs to 10000 Ltrs.