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Auger  powder filling machines

Augur Type Powder Filling Machine

In the auger powder filling machine, the incoming dry bottle (sterilized and siliconized) is fed through the infeed Turn Table with suitably guided on the moving Delran flat conveyor belt at the required speed for feeding. We mount the filling head on the machine top plate. 

When the bottle reaches the filling station, it will be held by the pneumatic bottle holder. Immediately it will be sensed by the bottle sensor. As soon as it gets the sensor’s signals, the magnetic clutch starts to rotate, mounted on the auger shaft. It will fill the desired amount of powder to the bottle through the auger, saving the PLC control rotation time.

After filling of bottle pneumatic piston goes back and releases the bottle to move on the conveyor. The main advantage of this pharmaceutical machinery is that the pneumatic bottle holding system is directly connected with Auger rotation, so until the bottle gets filled with powder as per the set value, the pneumatic system will not release the bottle.

his machine has become relevant to many industries like chemical, food, pharmaceutical, cosmetics, and agricultural industries.


· Chemical Industry

Both reactive and mild powder chemicals are being packaged using this machine. The filling is done in bottles and sachets. Chemical filled through this technology includes pesticides, herbicides, and others being used in laboratories.

· Food Industry

The technology has also found it’s relevant in food processing industries. It helps to minimize food contamination since the product does not come into contact with the human. Also, the auger powder filler machine operates when closed, and only the final packed foods are released from the machine. The foods like biscuits, coffee, berries, spices, dairy products, baby formula, and beverages use this technology.

· Pharmaceutical Industry

This machine fills the powdered medicines accurately and quickly. The packaging of medicines can be done in different quantities into different types of packages like glass bottles or sachets. Because the machine works when enclosed, there is minimum wastage of the powder. It is also ideal for pharmaceutical industries because contamination of the medicine is minimum.

· Metal Industry

The metal industry also uses Auger powder filler to package aluminum powder for solid fuel for booster rockets. Copper and iron powder are also packaged through this auger filling technology.

Plastic industry

Polypropylene powder (plastic powder) is used to manufacture pails, wastebaskets, pharmacy pill containers, and dishes. This powder can also be packaged using an auger powder filler machine.

· Veterinary Industry

Some animal medicine is also made in powder form, thus making this machine useful in this industry. The powder is dissolved in water so that the animal can take it through drinking of the water.

· Agriculture Industry

The industry uses this technology to package both powdered and inorganic products like fertilizers. This provides an opportunity for easy transportation, handling, and sales, even remote parts of the world.

· Cosmetics Industry

This industry has also discovered the relevance of this machine. They are using it to package baby powder and cosmetic detergents, among others.

  • Automatic Powder Filling Machines models. Single head / Twin head is ideal for filling powder/granules into bottles/containers of any size and shape.
  • Powder Filling equipment is ideal for dry powder, granules, and dry syrup filling.
  • We achieve the powder filling system’s high accuracy due to the accurate design of Auger Screw, a very sophisticated clutch brake, and a microprocessor control system.
  • Powder filling machines come in various sizes, shapes, filling principles, and technical sophistication degrees in response to the ever-widening diversity of powder filling applications.
  • Easy to maintain and simple to operate.
  • Specially designed Augurs for different types of Powder / Granules.
  • An unscramble streamlines easy and trouble-free feeding of the containers.
  • No Container – No fill attachment.
  • Quick changeover from one size to another.
  • Easy and accurate adjustments of fill quantities.
  • We make all parts coming in contact with the products out of stainless steel.
  • The Powder Filling Machine can be linked with a seaming machine to have a complete automatic line.
  • We can provide an infinite variable speed drive for output control if required.
  • AVAILABLE CAPACITIES: 20 to 50 bottles per minute depending on powder bulk density & neck diameter of container and weight to be filled.

Technical Specifications
Model APF-40
Output / Hour* 1500 to 1800
Fill Size** 10 to 100 Grams (Can be designed for higher range)
Stirrer Motor 0.5 HP, 3 Phase
Servo Motor 750 watt
Hopper Capacity 10 Kg
Utility Requirement
Electric Supply 3 Phase + Neutral + Earthing
Electric Load 1.5 kW













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