Toothpaste Manufacturing Plant

Toothpaste manufacturing plant consists of the main manufacturing vessel, also known as Contra Mixer. Contra Mixer, as the name, suggests works on the principle of Contra rotation of Blades for simultaneous beating and scraping operation. The mixer is highly versatile and mostly used for manufacturing Tooth Paste, Creams, Cosmetics, and other viscous products. to know the toothpaste manufacturing plant plant cost

features toothpaste making machine

  • As per the vacuum application for the mixing container’s deaeration, machine design removes air bubbles from the product while mixing for GEL products. ( Vacuum System) the vacuum pump is not in our scope of supply.
  • The container’s jacket gives insulation. The M.S. material in the standard model and SS304 material in the GMP model provides insulation.
  • Material discharged from the bottom, flush bottom valve provided for material discharge.
  • M/C provided with Light Glass, Sight glass, material inlet, water inlet, steam & washing water inlet, air suction valve for vacuum, vacuum gauge, etc.…
  • Mixing assembly has a two-speed facility. A variable speed drive facility for mixing body will be provided at extra cost, as an OPTIONAL facility.
  • Batch time setting by a digital timer.
  • The longevity is increased by Ampere Meter for the main motor.
  • Available Capacities: 25 Ltrs to 10000 Ltrs.


  1. Technical features of toothpaste plant :

    1. Wax vessel:
    2. • Open top with top Entry agitator Cowl disc type or paddle with Slow Speed Anchor.
    3. • Close top with top/bottom entry agitator Cowl disc type or propeller type stirrer.
    4. Water Vessel:
    5. • Open top with top entry propeller stirrer
    6. • Close top with bottom or full entry propeller
    7. Main Vessel:
    8. • Choice of various types of anchor design.
    9. • Homogeniser (option) – Top Entry, Side Entry, Bottom Entry with circulation facility.
    10. • Hydraulic lid lifting for fast & easy cleaning of top dish & vessel.
    11. • Load Cell for fast & accurate measuring system.
    12. • Flexible product transfer pipe & fitting in case of a load cell & hydraulic lifting.
    13. • VFD for Anchor agitators, Homogeniser to vary the RPM.
    14. • Specially Design drives assembly.


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