Know about our shaving cream manufacturing plant

Shaving Cream Manufacturing Plant

Shaving Cream Manufacturing Plant

Shaving Cream Manufacturing Plant is designed to handle processes right from transferring raw material to finished products. The plant offers efficient homogenization with heating & cooling with the support of accurate temperature control. Central control panel for controlling all the processes of the plant.


shaving cream manufacturing process

  • All waxes and oils are dissolved in the wax phase vessel separately.
  • All aqueous phase materials are added to the water phase vessel and processed separately.
  • Both phase vessels are jacketed and are provided with motor-driven propeller types of agitators, which facilitate thorough mixing.
  • Once the phases are ready, they are transferred to the main Ointment manufacturing vessel by opening respective valves (see schematic drawing). This transfer takes place through filters and pipelines due to the vacuum created within the main vessel with a pump’s aid.
  • The Ointment Manufacturing vessel helps provide an anchor type of stirrer and a Teflon scrapper at the ends; a dual speed motor drives the agitator. A built-in high-speed emulsifier ensures proper emulsification of the ointment. The MIMIC feature in the control panel controls the time of emulsification with the aid of timers.
  • The finished product is transferred to storage vessels utilizing the bump pump.
  • We achieve the transfer from the storage vessel to the filling hoppers using reciprocating metering pumps at the required rate.
  • Special scrappers help provide the transfer of the complete product and to avoid wastage.
  • The system is beneficial for creams, lotions, gels, shampoos, toothpaste, and such preparations.
  • Capacities Available: 100 kgs to 3000 kgs.
  • The plant is designed as per the CGMP and FDA guidelines. Contra mixer with two motors for preparation of foaming products like toothpaste, shaving cream, etc. It perforated anchor agitator for difficult to mix products.
  • All vessels are constructed out of S.S. 316 L quality as conforms to the GMP guidelines. All vessels are provided with a jacket for heating/cooling operations. The main manufacturing vessel is vacuum rated and provided with various connections for product addition, hopper for powder addition, a light glass, and sight glass is provided on the top dish


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