Since it was founded in 1964, “The Bombay Engineering Works” has focused all its effort on quality, innovation and technological excellence. “We provide to the Pharmaceutical, Chemical, Food, Cosmetic, Ayurvedic and Herbal industries the most advanced technological equipments in the market”, contributing, thus, to the improvement of well-being and quality of life of people. We offer a high level of innovation and development along with the capability to adapt each project to the specific needs of the customer.

“Our pharmaceutical machineries include Fluid bed dryer, Rapid mixer granulator, Auto coater, Tray dryer, Coating pan, Vacuum tray dryer (vtd), Ointment cream manufacturing plant, Liquid manufacturing plant, Shampoo manufacturing plant, Hair oil manufacturing plant, Shaving cream manufacturing plant, Hair dye-talcum powder manufacturing plant, Toothpaste manufacturing plant, Contra rotating mixer, Syrup manufacturing plant, Oscillating granulator, Double cone blender, Octagonal blender, Ribbon blender, V blender, Rotocone vacuum dryer (RCVD), Mass mixer, Vibro sifter, Multi Mill, Co mill, Colloid mill, Communiting / fritz mill, Planetary mixer, Planetary mixer (vjhse type), Paste kettle, Zero hold up filter press, Inline homogeniser, Intank homogeniser, Auger type powder filling machines, Manual capsule filling machine, Automatic empty capsule loader, Lami tube filling machine, Linear tube filling machine, Aluminium tube filling machine, Container filling machine, Tube filling & sealing machine, Dry heat sterilizer, Autoclave steam sterilizer, Multicolumn distillation plant, Pure steam generator used in Pharmaceutical, Chemical, Food, Cosmetic, Ayurvedic and Herbal industries”.

“We are Manufacturers and Exporter of Pharmaceutical, Chemical, Food, Cosmetic, Ayurvedic and Herbal Machines. The machines can work either individually or form a complete production line”.

“we are well known pharmaceuticals companies in maharashtra”

“The Bombay Engineering Works” international focus is also crucial to the company and about 60% of our equipments are exported. Our sales team, project management and after-sales service operate at an international level, having presence in more than 80 countrie

 we are one of the top manufacturing company in vasai To know more about us and our firm  please  contact us directly.

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