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Top & Bottom Discharge Centrifuges (3 & 4 Point suspension models) :

can use pharmaceutical Centrifuges equipment in various manufacturing processes that involve separating substances of different densities. Like most other equipment that we offer, we can optimize this equipment for the procedures you need to perform to complete them as efficiently as possible.

  • High volume capacity – With the ability to handle flows as high as 150 gallons per minute, our centrifuges can be used in operations large and small.
  • Long-term performance – Our centrifuges are built with heavy-duty components to ensure that they will run efficiently many years down the road.
  • Automation – Our centrifuges can be automated to ensure that they complete tasks with precision and minimize the need for operator oversight.
  • Easy integration – Our pharmaceutical centrifuge equipment has widespread compatibility that can be integrated into your existing system with ease and sparing you from having to replace other equipment you currently use.
  • Energy efficiency – Designed to consume as little energy as possible, helping you save money on your energy bills.


Model Unit 14 Pilot Plant 24 36 48 60
Basket Diameter MM 355 (14″) 610 (24″) 915 (36″) 1220 (48″) 1525 (60″)
Basket Height MM 178 (7″) 305 (12″) 457 (18″) 510 ( 20″) 600 (24″)
Working Capacity Under Lip Its. 10 45 165 300 500
Centrifugal Force G 510 665 511 436 359
Motor Power Hp 2 3 7.5 15 20
Basket Speed rpm. 1600 1400 1000 800 650
Overall Dimension of the Machine    
Length on Motor Side(approx) MM 1000 1500 1900 2100 2400
Width (approx) MM 800 1050 1400 1760 1750
Height (approx) MM 900 100 1200 1185 2000

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      • Basket shell and top are fabricated from suitable thick SS316 depending on the model.
      • Basket welded to M.S. Basket Base (Cone) duly lined on Top and Bottom faces with SS316
      • Bag Holding Ring with locking arrangement to avoid puncturing of Filter bag while fixing to basket.
      • The basket will be dynamically balanced having maximum speed of 850 RPM.

      Outer Body :

      • Outer body (Top) shall be fabricated from suitable thickness SS316 material.
      • Outer body (Bottom) shall be fabricated from suitable thickness SS316 material.
      • Top Body will be Bolted to Outer body (Bottom)
      • Lid Full Open-hydraulic/Spring Cylinder Operated
      • The lid will have sight and light glasses, feed pipe and wash pipe nozzles.
      • All the flanges as per ANSI # 150 ratings.

      Bearing Housing Assembly:

      • Consisting of C.I. bearing Housing ,. EN-24 Shaft and Bearings
      • We provided separate pipes for greasing top and bottom bearings. The approach point is coming right outside the Inertia Plate. Therefore one can safely grease the bearings while the machine is running and without disturbing any other components of the machine. There is also no uncertainty about the proper supply of grease to the desired bearings.
      • SS316 Sleeve for shaft protection with seals prevents ingress of solvent vapors in the bearing hosing.
      • SS Housing Cover will be provided on bearing housing to avoid fumes to come in contact with MS/ cast iron surfaces.

      Feeding and Washing:

      • A feed nozzle is provided on outer body.
      • Wash Pipe with a Flange and Nozzles to cover the entire height of cake


      • The Centrifuge Machine will be resting on a M.S. Inertia Plate supported with 4 Nos. Anti Vibration Mount.
      • The Inertia Plate process side will be lined with 2 mm SS316 on contact parts and 1.2 mm SS304 Sheet at non contact parts on Top and Bottom sides.

      Drives, Controls and Braking:

      • The machine will be supplied with Suitable motor as per model required
      • A Variable Frequency Drive (ABB Make) with Dynamic Braking System will control Panel consists of   a MS Powder coated panel that houses the Inverter module , dynamic braking resistors, electrical components like relays, contactors etc.
      • Power is transmitted to the Basket through V Belt and solid pulleys.
      • Machine will be supplied with Flame Proof Operating Push Button Station. SS enclosure will be provided on it.
      • SS Guards will be provided to motor and pulley.

      Safety interlocks:

      The machine will not start until lid is not closed. The Flameproof limit switches are provided to sense their closed position.

      Leak Tightness:

      Machine will be tested for leak tightness at pr. Of 400 mm of water column and the pressure drop is restricted to 60 mm per hour.

      NPurging / Blanketing:        

      Separate nozzles are provided for the process area ( Outer body) and Bearing housing.

      Accessories included:      (1) PP Bag        (2) Basket Puller with Bolts.