Features of Rapid mixer granulator

The rapid mixer granulator is a considered mixer used for mixing substances homogeneously and uniformly through angled mixer blades and choppers (beater or agitators). The material is mixed in equal proportion upon mixing and a uniform shaped product is achieved at last without any lumps.

Do the rapid mixers have any salient features?

  • For assisting powder blending and breaking of product, a high-speed mixer granulator gets used with horizontal walls for uneven size granules, especially wet granulation.
  • The rapid mixer granulator shaft and stirrer drive shaft gets used so as to operate the purge sealing system well
  • The bowl design can be in three portions namely conical top portion, a mid-portion and flat bottom that provides counterbalance lid for effective mixing.
  • Along with the charging nozzle, vent filter, and nozzle connection, a lid is provided
  • It has good food grade silicone gasket
  • The chopper usually contain 4 blades impeller

The working principle of mixer:

A bottom entry agitator is responsible for the effective working of the rapid mixer. The agitator is well mounted onto a chopper. The main or key purpose of it is to wet mix, dry blend, granulation, and prepare the dough. It can effectively cut material into small sized granules. Agitation of content or material is the main principle first at moderate speed and then at running at profiled cutter speed. The material is cut into a small size that presents the end product.

The drying of material or content can take around 3-5 minutes which is followed by mixing the ingredients. The wet mixing usually takes around 5-10 minutes so as to wet material during the granulation process into 0.5- 1.5mm granules.

The time consumed in the finest processing very well depends on the quantity of ingredients and particle size.

You can get the granulator at a reasonable price.

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Why buy planetary mixer from renowned suppliers?

This kind of mixer has a fixed, non-rotating container. The container is locked on the base of the mechanism and can be elevated into the blending position, and in reverse lowered to eradicate the container. A great benefit of this mixer form is the obtainability of different additions which can be utilized when mingling. Standard additions comprise a paddle, switch, dough hook, with former add-ons too accessible. Planetary mixers emanate in together tabletop and full floor replicas, to finest suit your manufacture needs. Machine dimension is dogged by the obtainable mingling bowl capacity, habitually dignified in quarts. Tabletop replicas usually originate in 20 or 30-quart diversities though, floor replicas derive in 40, 60, 80 or greater quart dimensions. A lot of these machineries also emanate with flexible speed choices to put up dissimilar mixing needs. You will get many best suppliers for this mixer online as well as offline.


In nearlyall pastry shop or else bakery you will catch no less than one planetary mixer. The purpose these mixers are accordingly conjoint is that they provide greater adaptability. Frequently, bakers and pastry cooks will utilize the paddle add-on for combination or creaming foodstuffs. This contains pie coating dough, scones, cookie dough or else cake stuffing. The whip addition is normally used to ventilate mixtures for example meringue, mop cake, whipped cream, plus mousse. Finally, the dough hanger attachment is classically used in pizza shops and minor bread bakeries.


  • Finest homogenization of mingling material, even in perplexing uses
  • Low-slung wear and least maintenance
  • Least waste
  • Collaborating stars interchange on diverse axes
  • Material is wholly re-circulated with only one uprising of the mingling tools


  • Solitary or Dual Planetary Blades.
  • Fluctuating scraper blade alters to bowl outline.
  • Solitary base assembly to for easiness in mounting.
  • Lift physically or hydraulically functioned
  • Distinctive steel planetary mechanisms, heat preserved and hard-bitten for tough, extended life.
  • Heating system, Chilling or Vacuum Building

Planetary mixer supplier can provide you with the best of it without any kind of hitch.

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Why it is important to go for planetary mixer if you have bakery?

In the contemporary times there are lot of tools invaded out of which the most effective tool for the bakery is planetary mixer. planetary mixer is also know bakery mixer In the making of cakes, pastries or other varieties this mixture can be used. You can use them in cake mixing or dough mixing. As there are interchangeable utensils associated with it one can use them for various different purposes as well. In minutes these mixture can rightly mix all the ingredients. Investing in this sort of mixture has its own merits some of them are as follows:-

1)            Less labor and time saving.

2)            Due to energy efficiency these mixture can work wonders even when it comes to saving off money.

3)            In the technological phase of time these machines do produce less noise and can work wonders for long hours.

4)            There are different levels of sound alerts when the job of mixing is done be it cream mixing or dough mixing your job could be easily done in minutes.

5)            These machines are easy to install and your job could be done in the most hygienic manner ever.

6)            Robust quality of these mixtures is one of the greatest boon and durable for long amount of time as compared to other mixtures.

7)            Planetary mixer supplier does offer you compact mixtures that do occupy your lesser space than ever.

8)            You could easily shop them right from 20 kgs to 80 kgs of models.

9)            As there are systematic instructions provided on the leaflet therefore there are lessen chances of mishaps too with these machine.

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Advantages of planetary mixer supplier

The planetary mixer is the utmost utilized Bakery Apparatus. This editorial is regarding the requirement, advantages of the planetary mixer supplier.

The planetary mixer is the greatest famous tools in the manufacturing and workshop specific procedures and catches its bids in food industrial plant, bakeries, medicinal drugs industrial units and also the building material industrial units.

Advantages of using a Planetary Mixer:

All the perks need enhanced and precise mixing. The mixers guarantee the finest promising fraternization of the fixings and therefore the perks arranged with it are the finest ones.

  • Improved Manufactured Product Superiority
  • Multipurpose Processes
  • Lower Bodily Exertion and Labour
  • The Planetary Mixer yields not as much of noise and lesser sensations as matched to the other general mixers.
  • The energy ingesting is also minus which means that the financial advantage is also around. Presumed Planetary Mixer Manufacturers fix motors which have advanced energy competence and swiftness disparity to cut the power depletion.
  • Healthier hygiene and improved food security are sure fire with the planetary mixer. All Planetary Mixer Machines derive with hook-on bowls, mingling elements, detachable covers, bars and former components which confirm tiniest human immersion and also safeguard better and appropriate scrubbing of the units after accomplishment of the work.
  • The planetary mixers permit condensed fitting and as a result space can be make use of in an enhanced manner. They are the preeminent choices for the trifling sized bakeries.
  • The planetary mixers are strong and vigorous. Henceforth, they derive with a stretched life as associated to the former mixers.

•             Occasionally, when the baking is done at the manufacturing level, utilizing gear which derives deprived of the security and safety supplies for the labor functioning them outcome in wounds and mishaps. However the Planetary Mixer Machine safeguards and fortifies means of process which means that work-related labor chances and accidents are diminished.

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