Multi Mill

Multi Mill is a self-contained portable unit useful for high-speed granulating, pulverizing, mixing, shredding, and chopping a wide range of wet and dry materials without special attachments.

As compared to the four common principles of size reduction, i.e., grinding, compression, impact, and shearing, which often do not produce controlled size reduction, this machine utilizes the principle of variable force swing hammer blades having both knife and impact edges rotating with a carefully selected screen to control size reduction.

The flow path of material in the vertical rotor machine is streamlined. During comminution, material entering the chamber travels to the periphery and passes through the screen tangentially and radially, avoiding choking and temperature rise.

Application :

Multi Mill is widely used for wet and dry granulation pulverization. In Pharmaceuticals multi mill, Chemicals Cosmetics, Ceramics, Colors, Dyestuff, Food products, etc., it also finds application in Pesticides, Fertilizers, Spices, Detergents, Insecticides, Plastics, and Resins Industries.

Description :

It operates on the principle of variable force swing beaters having both knife and impact edges rotating within a selected screen to reduce the necessary size. Material fed in the hopper goes down to the processing 8chamber. It moves to the periphery and passes through the screen radially and tangentially. Finally, the processed material gets collected in the container kept below the processing chamber.

Output and quality of the final product depend on three main factors :

  • The shape of beaters (knife/impact edges)
  • Speed and
  • Screen

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  • The direction of beaters can be changed by a reversible switch from knife to impact forward and vice-versa.
  • All contact parts can be easily and quickly dismantled and cleaned.
  • We have designed this machine for continuous operation.
  • Cylindrical screen for higher output.
  • Castors provided for mobility.
  • We offer flameproof electricals at extra cost.
  • Beaters and scrapper blades of SS 316 quality are hardened and hard chrome plated.
  • AVAILABLE CAPACITIES: 50 kgs to 200 kgs.

Salient features of Multi Mill:

  •  Machine Portable on Castor wheels.
  •  High output with Process uniformity.
  •  The direction of the Blade rotation can be changed using a Reversing switch for Hammer or Knife operation.
  •  Multiple combinations of Screens / Speeds / Number of Blades.
  •  The direction of blade rotation for every Product type.
  •  Higher Screen opening area for Higher Throughput.
  •  Easy Dismantling and Cleaning of all Components reducing.
  • Production Downtime and Increasing ProductivityA wide range of SS perforated and Wire knitted screens available for every product type.

Minimal material handling resulting in Total Dust free operation.

The additional perforated screen at the bottom of pulverizing chamber ensuring Higher Fineness and Controlled Size of Granules.

Built-in Variable Frequency Drive for multiple speeds.

Sr no Description Specifications
1 Model BEMM
2 Output 50 kg to 200 kg/hr. depending upon the product and the reduction required in size.
3 Rotor Assembly Dia. 250mm (approx.)
4 Rotor Speed 750 / 1500 / 2300 / 3000 RPM
5 Beaters 12 nos with knife and impact edges & 2 Nos. scraper blades
6 Screen Diameter Dia. (ID) 260mm, Ht. 135 mm.
7 Motor TEFC, 3HP / 1440 RPM / 440V / 50 CS / 3 PH/AC
8 Starter Direct On Line (DOL) with reversible switch.
9 Material Charging Height 1445 mm (approx.)
10 Material Discharge Height 730mm (approx.)
11 Overall Dimensions 870x965x1630 mm ht.
12 Net Weight 275 kg (approx.)
13 Gross weight 425 kgs (approx.)
14 Finish Mirror Finish.
15 Optionals available Ø  Flame proof motor with flame proof Electricals/ Push Button


Ø  Variable speed drive

Ø  Directly driven motor mounted directly on top of the Multimill without any V Belt or drive system.

16 Documentation IQ/ OQ/ DQ / FAT / SAT provided.
17 Screens MOC S.S. 316 or S.S. 304 as per clients requirement
18 Types of screens available
  SS Perforated Screen sizes (Holes dia in mm) 0.5, 1.0, 1.5 (b), 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 (c), 7, 8, 10, 15, 20, 25.
  SS Wire Mesh Sieve (a) 4, 6, 8, 10, 12, 14, 16, 20, 24, 30, 40, 50, 60 (b), 80,100.

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