Different range of aluminium tube filling machines

Aluminium Tube Filling Machine

Aluminium Tube Filling Machine

We are manufacturing company in vasai and export an efficient range of aluminum tube filling Machine or aluminium tube filler as per the client’s requirement. These machines are high in performance and durability. These Aluminium Tube Filling Machines are mainly for the pharmaceutical & cosmetics industries and are available in different designs. Convenient to use and robust design is what makes our machines different from others.

“BOMBAY ENGG” Tube filling machine in India is a very cost-effective aluminium tube Filler providing several features. The design of the Machine is ergonomic, comfortable to handle and maintain for operators. It incorporates a full-size opening of the front guard with excellent access for maintenance and change-over and an improved Tube orientation system that guarantees even better accuracy. The Machine is mainly mechanical and, therefore, easy to operate and maintain. 

There are two types of Aluminium tube filling machines/liquid filling machine available

  • Semi-Automatic type or Fully Automatic type rotary type tube is filling single machine head & Double Head.
  • Fully Automatic linear type aluminium tube filling Machine, single Head, and double Head.

1. Rotary type Semi Automatic Tube Filling Machine

Single Head & Double Head 16 Eight Station Semi Automatic Tube Filling Consists of

  • crimping and coding Machine Speed up to 25-30 tubes/minute
  • S.S. syringe up to 25 gms to 100 gms capacity max, ( for filling 5 gms to 25 gms a separate syringe is required)
  • Plain Hopper in SS 316 without any stirrer
  • Tube Orientation (Eye Mark Detection)
  • S.S. filling Block positive syringe suction type with S.S. nozzle,
  • 1 H.P. motor 1440 RPM
  • Sharon makes a 30:1 gearbox.
  • No tube no fill device,
  • The Non-return valve of Festo makes to provide accurate tail cutting to the Machine while filling. The cut-off system is fitted with a control value to give adequate air to cutting. The complete unit lt included on the main filling block.
  • With 09 nos. typeset (1 nos.), 1 set aluminum sockets (8 nos.) for anyone tube size
  • Automatic ejection of filled tubes
  • Contact parts complete SS 316 Q steel. GMP Machine.

In a Semi-Automatic tube filling machine, the tube is to be kept manually into the tube sockets. Rest everything will be automatic. We designed it to fill and seal Aluminium tubes. The Machine is suitable mainly for the pharmaceutical, cosmetic, and food industries. Use the Machine for filling cream, ointment, gel, paste, balm, and other similar viscous products using a volumetric dosing system.

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Salient Features of the aluminium tube filling Machine:

  • Auto Feeding & Orientation of tubes with “I” mark Sensor.
  • Contact parts made of S.S. 304/S.S. 316L.
  • Quality material conforms to CGMP Norms.
  • You can use hot air tools for Lami Tube Sealing.
  • No Tube, no feeling Device.
  • Quickly change over from Lami to aluminium tubes within 10 to 15 minutes.
  • Rotary type & compact design.
  • Production counter available on the control panel to indicate the number of tubes filled.
  • Filling Accuracy + 0.1 %.

Optional Accessories :

  • Sealing & Crimping Types: Hot air/ hot jaw / ultrasonic, double triple & saddle type fold for metal tubes
  • Jacketed hopper & stirrer
  • Batch Coding Arrangement [Male or Female] Type.
  • Transfers Pumps
  • Tube cleaning Attachment


Filling speed for Aluminium 80 to 90 tube per/min
Filling speed  for lami 60 to 70 tube per/min
Filling range 5 to 50 gm interchangeable syringe and piston
Tube size Max. Dia – 25 mm, length – 70 to 180 mm
Operator require One operator
Power consumption 6 Kw.
Compressor air 6 to 7 kg/PSI
Net weight 500 Kg.
Gross weight 600 Kg.
Dimension  L – 48″, W – 36″, H – 96″










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      There are 2 types of aluminium tube filling machine,
      Semi-Automatic type or Fully Automatic type rotary type tube filling machine single head & Double Head.
      Fully Automatic linear type aluminium tube filling machine single head and double head.

      Max. Dia – 25 mm, length – 70 to 180 mm

      5 to 50 gm interchangeable syringe and piston