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Automatic Liquid Filling Machine

Automatic Liquid Filling Machine

We are the prominent manufacturer, exporter, and supplier of Automatic Liquid Filling Machine. We manufacture these machines from high -grade quality material. We manufacture machines with a built-in turntable at the infeed and outfeed with individual drives that match the speed of incoming and outgoing vials for smoother operation. We make all parts coming in contact with liquids and rubber stoppers from ss316 materials. These are known for their best quality.

At Bombay Engineering Works, we offer some high-quality filling machine for diverse filling operations. Our product range includes viscous liquid filling machines along with the ones used for filling vials and bottles. A liquid Filler Machine is a machine used in different industries for filling the raw material into the container and packing it, making a finished product. This machine has benefited various packaging companies. In liquid filler, the tank, bottle, or container moves in a cycle, gets filled by the machine, and is further processed for packing. A  filling machine for liquid is one that fills the raw material in liquid form into bottles and vials for converting it into a final packaged product ready to be seen on the shelf and sold. 

We specialize in manufacturing automatic liquid filling machines which are generally used to fill any Liquid such as juices, petroleum jelly, Panna syrups, drinking water, paints, strainers, perfumes, flavored milk, Dahi, adhesives, shampoo, edible oil, hair oil, lube oils, coolants, etc. 

Some of the Liquid filling Machines are mentioned below:

Injectable Liquid vial filling machine -This is used extensively for filling up the vials with medicines. It works on the volumetric principle with diving nozzles and a pneumatic system of stoppering rubber on top of the vials. The injectable liquid vial machine has a SS flat conveyor belt on which the vials move and get transferred. The vials are then transferred to the filling station, where there are multiple heads and are in the range of two to twelve. The next station is one where a stopper is placed on the head after the precision filling. The significant parts of the vial filling machine include a conveyor belt where the vials move on this belt to be transferred and a filling and stoppering machine, where the vials are filled, and rubber stopper so that there is no wastage of medicinal content and accuracy is maintained while filling the vials.

Prefilled syringe filling machine– This kind of machine is used for filling a prefilled syringe and is the attest for use in pharmaceutical industries. Syringes are loaded on a stainless-steel hopper. The prefilled syringe tray is placed on top of the machine. Syringes move line by line to the filling station, where there is an electronic pump. Once the exact volume is filled in the syringes, they move out to an outfeed tray of the syringe filling machine.

Liquid bottle filling machine– Bottles are filled with various vicious liquids like oil used for edible purposes and commercial purposes. Bottles can be filled up using the gravimetric or volumetric option. A nozzle option is provided here for filling the bottles. If the Liquid is dense or vicious, pistons or pumps may apply force to thicker liquids. The viscous liquid filling machine is used even to fill creams and gels. The quick-release nozzles ensure quick and faster flow. Linear Liquid filling machine- Based on the volumetric principle, the linear Liquid filling machine cater to a maximum of 1000 ml bottles. The diving nozzle is used to avoid foaming, and the nozzle has a suck back arrangement.

Oil filling machines– Automatic liquid filling machines often do many innovations, especially where such machines are fast-moving ones. One such machine is the oil filler machine, and the same concept of the line to line inward and outward feeding is used here. Here the oil can be filled in pet bottles, jars, and tins for bulk production and packaging. The automatic eight head twin-track liquid filling with rubber stoppering machine is an ultra-fast and efficient filler of Liquid and has a solid build. The Automatic Rotary piston filling and Capping machine also is a perfect one with a rotary valve for a drip-proof filling. The speed of such rotary can also be controlled with an AC frequency control system. Some more machines in demand are worth mentioning, like the Volumetric Oil filling machine for a lube, Engine oil filler, and Oils used for medicinal and edible purposes.

Liquid filling machine manufacturers take pride in such machines as flexible, versatile, and reduced wastage to zero. The machines are designed as per the user’s need and convenience and the shape and size of the containers they cater to. A Big Industry and more significant returns!

Some of the other products offered by us are Twin Head Liquid Filling with Rubber Stoppering Equipment for Vials, Automatic Twin Head Liquid Filling Machine for Vials, and Automatic Volumetric Liquid Bottle Filling tools. We also manufacture Automatic Four Head Liquid Filling with Rubber Stoppering equipment for Vials, Automatic Six Head Liquid Filling with Rubber Stoppering Machine for Vials, Automatic Eight Head Volumetric Pesticides Bottle Filling instrument, Automatic Bottle Sticker Labelling Machines, Multi-Head Capping tools, and others.


The process of our bottle liquid filling machine begins with the horizontal or inline type piston filler. This piston filler directs and measures the Liquid which is present in the equipment. Once the first process of measuring and flowing of our vial filling machine is completed, the product (Liquid) is directly injected in a container with the help of a stainless-steel filler that has one or more than one head. The process of our liquid filling machine has rapid motion, but at the same time, the liquid present in the machine is entirely secure, and it can be processed out with no compromises at all. Once our bottle filling machine’s primary process is over, the secondary part of the equipment processing is initiated in which our filling machine can fill up a vast number of deposits in a minute. Our liquid filling machine also makes sure that there are no interruptions of any kind while executing the entire process. After all the processes are over, the outcome/ ready product (filled bottles, containers, vials) is collected. Hence, this is the entire process that explains how our filling & packaging machinery of vials and liquid processes.


Automatic Volumetric Liquid Bottle Filling Machine works on volumetric principle with diving nozzles. The unit is made compact, versatile, and enclosed in stainless steel elegantly matt finish body. It consists of S.S. Slat Conveyor, Reciprocating Nozzle with self-centering devices & S.S. Syringe. No container No filling system arrangement is the standard feature of the machine.


Containers move on the S.S. Slat conveyor feed below the filling nozzles through a settable twin pneumatically operated stopper system. The twin pneumatically operated stopper system and reciprocating nozzles can precisely match for centering of container below nozzles to avoid spillage of liquid on the box.

The adjustable nozzle will reciprocate according to the filling dose; the nozzle will go upwards slowly from the bottom level of the bottle towards the neck during filling.

The dosing block with a hexagonal bolt fitted below syringes. It means fill size can be easily set.


Technical Specifications of automatic liquid filler




Depending on number of heads

Direction of Movement

Left to Right

Number of head/Syringe

Available in 2 head, 4 head, 6 head, 8 head, 10 head & 12 head.

Fill Size***

5 ml to 1000 ml with help of change parts

Electrical Specifications**

Main Machine

1 HP / 415 Volts / 50 Hz.

(1.5 HP if maximum volume is 1000 ml in single doze)


0.5 HP / 415 Volts / 50 Hz.

Height of Conveyor**

860 mm to 910 mm Adjustable.

Machine Dimensions**

Depending on number of heads

Change parts required

(A) Syringes, (B) Nozzle, (C) Inlet & outlet hose pipe.

Input Specifications

Container Neck Diameter**

Minimum 22 mm***

Container Size**

Round Shape

Ø 28 mm to Ø 100 mm

Respectively height 58 mm to 240 mm

(Height option for other bottle height available)

Flat / Square

15mm to 100 mm (Length)

Respectively 10mm to 50 mm (Width)

Respectively height 58 mm x 240 mm

(Height option for other bottle height available)

*   Depends on Container size, fill size, Neck diameter of container, and nature of liquid etc.

** We can supply as per customer requirements.

*** With help of change parts.

Salient Features

·     ± 1 % Filling accuracy on single dose.

·     No Bottle No Filling System.

·     Rigid vibration free construction for trouble free performance.

·     SS Elegantly matt finished body.

·     Elegant and easy control panel for total control on operation.

·     Minimum charge overtime, from one size to another container or fill size.

·     Self-lubricating UHMW-PE guide profile for S.S. slat chain provide low friction wear surface, smooth and noiseless conveying.

·     Error code display on A/C frequency drive on control panel.

·     Drain tray around machine platform.

·     Drip tray under the conveyor.

·     Pneumatic bottle stopping arrangement.

·     Synchronized two nos. A/c drives for main motor & conveyor belt.

·     MCB for over load protection, and prevent against short circuit.

  • Total GMP model.
  • No vial – no filling system.
  • No stopper – machine stop system.
  • Manufactured with latest technology.
  • Synchronized with variable AC frequency drive system.
  • Minimum change over time.

  • No. of syringes : 4 nos.
  • Filling capacity : 2 ml To 50 ml for single dose & 50 ml. To 100 ml. (with the help of change parts).
  • Syringe available : 2 ml to 10 ml & 10 ml to 50 ml.
    Machine dimension : 3236 mm. (L) x 850 mm. (w) x 1486 mm. (h).
  • Container diameter : 16 mm. To 50 mm.
  • Container height : 75 mm. Maximum.
    Rubber stopper : 20 mm. & 13 mm. Diameter. (With the help of change parts).
  • Accuracy + 1% depending on liquid.
  • Output : 120 vials/minute.

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