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Communiting Mill / Fritz Mill

Communiting / Fritz Mill



Communiting Mill / Fritz Mill is used in Granulation Department for making granules, and it is most widely used in the Pharma Industry. We can get 800 kgs per hour depending on the product and sieve we used.

We offer direct and water-jacketed type commuting mills for pharmaceutical, food, and chemical applications.
Communiting mill is used to reduce the size of granules. It is equipped with a rotor and sharp blades, which rotates on a horizontal axis.
Our engineers are particular in promoting the quality of our pharmaceutical machines. Simplified machine design, robust construction, 100 percent stainless steel brackets, and thrust bearings are some of the communiting mill features ensuring the quality maintained by our team.

Application : 

We design our Communiting Mill specifically for wet and dry granulation, pulverization, or dispersion of products or ingredients found in the pharmaceutical, chemical, and food industries. It also finds application in cosmetics, confectionery, Fertilizer, Insecticides, detergents, and Electro flux industries.

Description :

The latest improvements in design make this unit a truly GMP model and Versatile in operation & maintenance. The team consist of an S.S.304 quality hopper, feed throat, and processing chamber (can be provided in S.S.316 quality at extra cost with beaters assembly, heavy-duty Motor, a star-delta starter with overload relay, three-speed step pulley, suitable screen, S.S. cladding base having tubular legs with castors, optional jacket for the feed throat and processing chamber for cooling.

Operation :

The product is kept in the hopper slide down to the enclosed chamber. It is milled in between beaters and screen to the required mesh/micron size, collected at the bottom of the container. Quality and output depends upon the three main variables

  • Beaters shape (knife/impact forward)
  • Speed and
  • Screen size.

Knife edge for coarse or large particles and impact or flat edge for finer particles. High speed for fine grinding, low speed for coarser particles. A wide range of screens is available for various process needs.

  • We make all contact parts out of SS. 304 (SS.316 on demand at extra charges). We avoid contamination problems with no casting.
  • Coupling provided between motor shaft & rotor shaft for ease in maintenance.
  • Three oil seals between the Motor & the processing chamber prevent liquid from going in the motor winding, resulting in the Motor’s burning.
  • Modified design of semi concave teeth in rotor & stator reduces the Motor H.P. & gives better size reduction without damaging the product.
  • Extended bearing housing specially designed to facilitate fine adjustment of bearing clearances or backlash to avoid metal to metal contact of rotor & stator. This unique design provides smooth & consistent all-round performance & long life of rotor & stator.
  • AVAILABLE CAPACITIES: 25 kgs to 300 kgs.


Sr Description Details
1 Model CMM
2 Rotor Speed 1000 / 2250 / 4500 RPM
3 Blades Swinging type with knife & impact edge with 16 Nos. Blade.
4` Output 25 TO 300 KGS/HR*
5 Screen Round / Square hole perforated S.S. sheet


Or Woven stainless steel wire mesh

6 Electric Motor 7.5 HP / 5.5 KW / 1440 RPM / 3 PH
7 Net Wt 400 KGS
8 Gross Wt 530 KGS
9 Machine Dimensions 1230 L X 760 D X 1700 H
10 Case Dimensions 1380 L X 850 D X 1800 H

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