We provide Customized Dm water storage tank

DM Water Storage Tank

DM Water Storage Tank

We are the manufacturers and exporters of DM Water Storage Tank, which are specifically designed as per the client’s requirements.

The demineralized water storage tank is used to store the demineralized water in various industries. The water storage vessel is widely used in the Pharmaceutical industry, known as the Pharmaceutical DM water storage tank. Demineralized water tanks store high-quality water free from any minerals. It works on the principle of ion exchange, removal of ions, and de-gasification of water.
Demineralization is one of the most effective solutions for the treatment of water. It is a cost-effective water treatment method and can be quickly done with a demineralized water system.
The process is used to treat water in the swimming pools, chemicals, breweries, Pharmaceutical industries, and ion exchange plants. The demineralized water is used to store the water after definitive treatment.
The demineralized water storage tank’s capacity differs from client to client or industry in which the storage tank is to be used. Such storage tanks are manufactured as per the requirements of clients. The storage tank’s capacity also depends on the variation in water usage in downstream plants and for regeneration. The time for which the water is to be stored in the vessel also depends on the industry requirements.
Bombay Engineering’s Stainless Steel DM Water Tanks are easy to use and handle as all parts are welded by argon welding. Its well-designed look gives an elegant and aesthetic feel, which enhances with different styles of interior settings. Bombay Engineering’s Stainless Steel DM Water Tanks are 100% quality checked and tested since they are manufactured by the latest well-equipped CNC machinery and latest techniques like cutting and bending and other structural flaws professional staff according to Indian and international industry standards guideline

  • Shaping Mode: Injection Mould
  • Surface Finish Process: Polishing
  • Mould Cavity: Multi Cavity
  • Plastic Material: PA
  • Process Combination Type: Injection
  • Application: Household Appliances, Commodity


S.S. (Stainless Steel)


50 to 1000 liter


SS 304


SS 316




As per industry requirements

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