advantages of having drum mixers

Drum Mixer

Drum Mixer

Many manufacturers choose to do their mixing right in the drum to receive their product to minimize transfer waste and save capital investment. To do that appropriately, Mixer Direct has developed a line of drum agitators that attach various ways to the 55-gallon drum. Some of our 55-gallon drum agitators clamp on to the side or a stand placed next to the drum. Others prefer to replace the lid on an open-top drum with a Drum Lid Mount drum mixer. The bung mount mixer has folding impellers that open up when the motor activates for closed drums.

Drum mixer is stapled machinery used in the pharmaceutical and chemical industry. Drum mixers are highly efficient mixing equipment used for the mixing of powders. These mixers have gallon drums that rotate to mix powder. The mixing process involves loading the material into the drum, secured in a hoop, and rotated after that.
Bombay Engineering’s drum mixer is handy for mixing ingredients or raw materials to be dispatched in barrels. Unlike other mixers, this mixer does not have any internal moving parts like blades or impellers; so, the mixer avoids deterioration of material from friction-induced heating. The drum has no dead space, so the material is uniformly blended. The drum mixers are powered by pneumatic or electric motors and available in various sizes. These mixers are configured in such a manner so that proper mixing and quality control of the end product is attained.


  • This unit is suitable to attached Horizontal Main Drive [HMD], hoop mixers is suitable to research as well as industrial use in the pharmaceutical, chemical industries, food industries and plastic industries.

Drum Hoop mixer comprises of two parts:

  • The drive units with drum hoop support stand assembly.
  • Acrylic mixing drum with a rotating mechanism.
  • The drum hoop mixer is having a drum capacity of 5 Kg.
  • The operational capacity of 3.00 Kgs.

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