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IPC Containers

IPC Containers

IPC containers are used to handle, store, transport, and mix pharmaceutical powders and granules before, between, and after various processes. We design and manufacture to be conducted through their trolley and offer the advantage of leaving the trolley on the floor when the container is raised to be positioned onto process machines like tablet presses, sachet filling machines, etc.

The IPC containers, IPC bin, IPC Bin loader is used for transferring the material dust-free and without human touch in pharmaceutical industries for Load powder into RMG bowl, Load powder into the hopper of tablet press, Load tablet into the hopper of blister pack & Coating Machine and online sifting and milling.

Product: IPC Bin

IPC Bins are the accepted industry standard for powder handling & Processing application where Containment is required. Ease of Cleaning, Provide Containment, work-in-progress storage & testing, quick batch changing & repeatedly homogeneous blending. Store the dry powder / Granules and transfer material to another equipment Vertical, Cylindrical, Circular, Conical bottom, loose Top Lid. Design is a cGMP Current Good Manufacturing Practices compliance. Product contact parts AISI 316/ 316L & non-contact parts AISI 304.

IPC bins or integrated process bins are particular types of containers used in handling special chemical powders, dust, and granular materials, mainly in the pharmaceutical industries. This process is done to create a dust-free operation and ensure no human contamination occurs. There is total control of containment, and cross-contamination is not possible.
Bin Blender is a free fall blender to meet the need if a container’s volume is not good enough for the batch. It is also useful as a fixed clamped blending container. It can be custom designed as per the requirements. The bin blender can perform the installation & extension function no matter the bin’s shape, like square, rectangular, round, or double cone.
An IBC Blender (Intermediate Bulk Container) is a highly efficient blending and mixing container. This container’s advantage is the irregular shape and that they can be charged or discharged away from the mixer. The blender will not be contaminated with the product during the process hence saving valuable time.

Design Features

The equipment is designed with a cylindrical body and tapered bottom with a large-sized lid for an easy cleaning process. They are made from stainless steel material such as SS 316 and mounted onto detachable stands designed according to the user requirements.


  • Rectangular shaped Ipc bins are available from 50 ltrs to 3000 ltrs.
  • Round shaped IPC Bins are available from 50 ltrs to 300 ltrs

IPC bins are available in rectangular shaped type, which can also be used in conta / bin blender and round types. IPC Lifting & Positioning device can also use it. All IPC Bins have a conical bottom with a butterfly valve for discharge.

Different designs of bins are available as per clients’ requirements.


Externals of the bins are polished to matt finish (Mirror finish if required) & Internals. All contact parts are polished to mirror finish.

  • It helps to control containment and cross contamination.
  • Provided with butterfly valve for discharge.
  • Personal safety.
  • Effective process & unit operation feed.
  • Reduction in segregation.

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