know about lami tube filling machine and its varitey

Lami Tube Filling Machine

Lami Tube Filling Machine

Our Lami Tube Filling Machine range has a syringe pump housing and rotary piston filling device with a blow-off device pneumatic tail cut-off system. These machines have a high filling speed of 40 to 50 tubes per minute and jacketed hopper single head type of capacity of 40 liters. We make these tube filling machines with stainless steel spring-loaded change part 12 nos—nylon holders one tube size.

These machines come with a temperature controller with a 3 K.W. S.S. tubular heater. Our range of machines has a label sensor and controller. Various optional accessories like vacuum cleaning jacketed hopper with a stirrer, product level sensor filling the hopper with pump controller, automatic cassette loader to load the tubes, and orientation sensors with a stepper motor.

Our product range includes a wide range of lami tube filling & tube sealing machine, all purpose filling machine, ointment filling machine, stainless steel mixing storage tank, planetary mixer and ointment plant.

Salient Features :

  • Auto Feeding & Orientation of tubes with “I” mark Sensor.
  • Contact parts made of S.S. 304/S.S 316L.
  • Quality material conforms to CGMP Norms.
  • No Tube, no feeling Device.
  • Quickly change over from Lami to aluminium tubes within 10 to 15 minutes.
  • Rotary type & compact design.
  • Production counter available on the control panel to indicate many tubes filled.
  • Filling Accuracy + 1%.

Optional Accessories :

  • Sealing & Crimping Types: Hot air/ hot jaw / ultrasonic, double triple & saddle type fold for metal tubes.
  • Jacketed hopper & stirrer.
  • We also provide Batch Coding Arrangement [Male or Female] Type.
  • Transfers Pumps.
  • Tube cleaning Attachment.

Technical Specification :

  Plastic & Lami Aluminum Combo
Output 40 to 45 Tube/per min 40 to 45 Tube/per min 40 to 45 Tube/per min
Filling Range 3 gm to 150 gm 3 gm to 150 gm 3 gm to 150 gm
Tube Diameter 10 mm to 50 mm 10 mm to 50 mm 10 mm to 50 mm
Operator one one one
Power Consumption 5kw 1kw 5kw
Air Pressure 6 to 7 kg 6 to 7 kg 6 to 7 kg
Net weight 450 400 500
Gross Weight 555 500 600
Dimension 38″L x 36″W x 72″H 38″L x 36″W x 72″H 38″L x 36″W x 72″H

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