look over the features of linear tube filling machine

Linear Tube Filling Machine

Linear Tube Filling Machine

We offer Linear Tube Filling Machine widely used in cosmetic tube filling, pharmaceuticals, chemicals, and foodstuff industries with our professionals’ help. Engineered to produce outstanding quality and precision plastic tube filling and sealing machine, metal-plastic laminate, and aluminium laminate tubes with 40 to 50 tubes per minute and manufacturing this machine using excellent quality components and advanced technology. This Linear Tube Filling Machine is available with us in various technical specifications at industry leading rates.

Linear Tube Filling Machine has applications for metal, plastic, polyfoil, and laminate tubes with cassette infeed system. This linear tube filling machine is designed and constructed according to the highest technology standards to guarantee maximum productivity and quality. According to cGMP standards, the equipment complies and therefore suitable for sterile rooms, and laminar flows easy changeover without tools in significantly less time. According to the fill product characteristics, a mechanical lifting mechanism or run by a servo motor (upon request) controls the lifting and descending of the tube. Excellent access for cleaning and maintenance.
Bombay Engineering offers a wide range of Automatic Linear Tube Filling Machines for the Cosmetic, Food, Chemical, and Pharmaceutical Industries as per our standard models or according to customer’s specific requirements. Our machine is designed to fill Single tube large and small, side by side, dual product. Our machine sealing types include Aluminium crimping and folding, hot air sealing for plastic and laminates. Our machines can be customized to fit your production needs.

Linear Tube filling machines are manufactured to fill ointments, toothpaste, and other material in a plastic tube. The tube fillers are a reliable and accurate filler system that offers clean filling of the tube at optimum speed. The role of tube filler is to measure the parameters for the quality filling of tubes. The application of tube fillers can be used in different manufacturing companies where the products are kept and supplied in tube form. Usually, the tube filling machine is present in pharmaceutical, food, and construction item manufacturing industries. As there are different roles played by fillers of the tube, here is everything you need to know about the tube filling machines.


Advantages of Tube Filling Machine:

  • The Tube filling machine is used by the industrial manufacturers, as the rapid speed of the machine is an advantage in filling up products like creams and lotions in tubes, quickly.
  • As the machine has rapid motion the production efficiency also increases.
  • Another advantage of the tube fillers is that they are filled manually, so that tube producers get high fluctuations in the amount of filling process.
  • The beneficial feature of the filling tube equipment is that by using the machine, the company decreases the production cost and the machine also deducts the labour workload, as well as the easy operative feature, allows the user to access the machine without learning any brief mechanism.
  • The Tube fillers are also used to reduce the wastage of products as the leftovers of the product are collected by the machine and is used in another tube.

  • Hot air tool for proven desirable air blowing mechanism.
  • Fully pneumatic and 95% maintenance-free.
  • Tube holders are of the spring-loaded type to take care of any tube diameter variation.
  • Fill accuracy : + 98.8 %.
  • Useful in filling paste, lotion, cream tube filling, balm, gums, etc.
  • Proper tail cutting arrangement.
  • Audiovisual alarm for any abnormal conditions of the machine.
  • Unique No Tube – No fill device.
  • Output up to 50 – 55 Tubes/minute.
  • Can fill from 3 Grams to 500 Grams with change parts.
  • GMP model contact parts SS 304 / SS 316 (As per customer requirement).
  • Power consumption 0.75 HP, 230 Volts / 415 Volts.
  • We provide overload clutch protection to make the operation foolproof.
  • Production counter with memory to indicate the number of filled tubes.
  • Tube orientation device incorporating photo sensors and stepper motor and controller (optional).
  • Automatic cream level sensing device (optional).


Technical Specification:

  • Filling Range 3 Gm To 250 Gm With Change Over.
  • Tube Dia Up to 25 mm – For Double Head.
  • Tube Dia Up to 45 mm – For Single Head.

 Power Consumption:

  • Max. 5Kw
  • Air Consumption 15CFM @ 6 Kg/cm2
  • Chilled Water Consumption LPM @ 10°c

 Technical details, specifications & designs are subject to change without any prior notice.


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