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Pesticides Liquid Filling Machine

Pesticides Liquid Filling Machine

We offer pesticide filling machine, designed for Pesticides ‘Foaming’ type material. We will provide syringes with an N.R.V. nozzle up-down system against your foaming type material & stop dropping the problem.

  • Flame proof-Contamination control ‘Acrylic Cabinet’ with S.S. Structure
  • Flame proof-Nozzle + Motor + Panel

HIGHLIGHT OF THE Pesticides Filling Machine

  • Total G.M.P. Model
  • Total contact parts are of S.S.-316, and other surface parts are of S.S. 304.
  • No Bottle – No Filling systems.
  • Manufactured with the latest technology
  • The Synchronized two nos. A.C. frequency drive for main motor & conveyor belt for speed control.
  • Automatic speed control system.
  • Automatic sensor based bottle counter system.
  • Bottle stopper and holder pneumatic based.
  • Rigid vibration free construction for trouble-free performance
  • Elegantly matt finished body.
  • Minimum change over time, from one size to another container or fill size.
  • Self-lubricating UHMW-PE guide profile for S.S. slat chain provides low friction wear surface, smooth and noiseless conveying.
  • Safety guard for conveyor gearbox, motor, and pneumatic cylinders
  • Adjustable conveyor height as per customer requirement.

  • Automatic Liquid Filling Machine(4 Head)
  • Machine speed: 40-50 bottle/min depends on bottle size
  • Suitable for use in Cosmetics, Pharmaceuticals, Pesticides, Edible Oil, Lubricants etc.
  • Available in GMP model Also
  • Built-in Digital Product counter
  • Imported Motors and Gears set
  • Accuracy : ± 1 % At one Stroke
  • SS-304 elegantly Matt finished machine
  • Pneumatic stopping arrangements
  • Proximity Sensor for Bottle sensing
  • Available with HMI Display arrangement with PLC controlled
  • Imported PLC for Better Functionality of HMI
  • No bottle, Machine Stop with indication
  • Voltage  :  1-Phase, 230V, 50 Hz
  • Product size: Up to 1000 ml
  • Machine size:1500*1000*800 mm


  • Range : 100ml to 1000 ml.
  • Filling accuracy:( )or(-) 0.5%
  • Speed : 24 to 72 fills per minute.
  • Power : 2 hp, 440 v. 3 phase.
  • Head  : 4 / 6/ 8/10.
  • Container: Machines are also suitable for Glass Bottles, HDPE, Pet, Tin, Aluminium, Jerry
  • Can and Container of any choice, Shape and Type

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