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Pure Steam Generator

Pure Steam Generator

The Bombay Engineering Works manufacture Pure Steam Generator, used for the pharmaceutical and biotech industries. It is the most reliable technology for producing pure, pyrogen-free sterile steam. A steam generator is defined as uncondensed water for injection and meets the Indian, British, and the United States pharmacopeia.

features of the pure steam generator

  • Pure, sterile pyrogen-free pure steam conforming to USP standards.
  • Compact in design.
  • All contact parts are in ss 316/ss 316 L.
  • Electropolished crevice less inner contact surfaces.
  • Plc based system for automated operation.
  • Sanitary triclover fittings for quick and easy preventive maintenance.
  • Synoptic panel board with facility for logging the data can also be given.mj

  • Pure Steam: Meet IP/BP specification 3 kg/cm2 at 143°c.
  • Feed Water: De-ionized water with max. The conductivity of 5 micro Siemens /cm and pressure should be 1 kg/cm2 higher than the infeed steam pressure.
  • Temperature: Ambient Temp.
  • Boiler Steam: Minimum 6 kg/cm2 steam pressure is essential to guarantee pure pyrogen-free steam at 3 kg/cm2. Moisture must be dry, saturated, and free from oil vapors and other impurities.
  • Temperature: 165°C.
  • Electricals: Main supply A.C., 415V, 3 phase/50 cycles, Max, load 3kw.
  • Air: 1 cfm at Kg/cm2 gauge.

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