know about roto sifter and its features

Roto Sifter

Roto Sifter PRINCIPLE Material is screw fed into the cylindrical sifting chamber utilizing a feed screw. The rotating paddles that do not contact the stationary screen propel each particle through the screen by centrifugal force. The oversize material is conveyed axially and thrown at the other end. The machine thus separates the material into two grades.

The ROTO Sifter Separator is an innovation to grain cleaning machines and is used as a Preliminary or secondary cleaning separator. It removes material that would cause undue wear and tear on subsequent machinery, ensures hygienic storage conditions and good quality grain, and thoroughly eliminates foreign cereals and impurities.
The machine is suitable for cleaning Wheat, Rice, Paddy, Soyabean, Barley, maize (Corn), Peas, various pulses types, and oilseed like Mustard, Sunflower, Sesame, groundnut, etc.


The machine’s main body has two decks of sieves to remove both small and large impurities. The movement of the stock along the sieves is brought about by the gyratory motion effected by a pair of adjustable balancing weights at the head of the sieve box, and the tail end of the sieve is constrained by a guide to move in a straight line along with the axis of the machine. The sieve of the machine thus partakes of the motion of both a rotary and reciprocating separator. This vigorous compound motion sieving efficiency is too high, and oversize particles tend to move down and off the sieves and not build up the screens.

The machine is all-metal construction with a wooden sieve frame. An enclosed body is suspended by flexible cables attached to the mainframe. V-belt drive from a motor mounted on sieve base frame with two adjustable balancing weights to give variable throw or circle at the head end of the machine which could be operated at the three speeds with the vibration-free operation. It has two laminated inspection doors on top of sieve frames.


    • High Centrifugal Force Gives More Output Per Screen area.
    • Quiet Vibration Free Particle Screening
    • Dust-Free Operation
    • Low Power Consumption
    • Easy Maintenance
    • Inspection Door Province Easy Access To All Internal Working Parts
    • AVAILABLE CAPACITIES: Roto Shifter is available in M.S., SS 304, SS 316 & SS 316 L. Machine non-contact parts are in M.S. Motor power supply is 3 Ph. 440 V 50 Hz.

Key Features

  •  High efficiency due to rotary and linear motion.
  •  Three different speeds to suit different requirements.
  •  High throughput.
  •  Simple and low maintenance.
  •  Two adjustable balance weights to give variable throw or circle.
  •  Quiet and vibration-free operation.
  •  Low power consumption.

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