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Semi Automatic Capsule Filling Machine

We are offering a wide range of Semi Automatic Capsule Filling Machine. The Machine gives 25,000 to 30,000 capsules per hour and suitable for filling capsules of all sizes with powder, pellets & granules. It is comparable to the best because of its outstanding mechanical & functional features. This innovative design & precision manufacturing meets the requirements of cGMP. The Machine is an ideal choice in the SemiAutomatic Capsule Filling Machine available in the market. we provide different types of capsule filling machine

Bombay Engineering’s Semi-Automatic Capsule Filling Machine is designed for precision manufacturing requirements of modern pharmaceutical procedures. Capsule Filling Machine is suitable to fill size 00 to 5 capsules with powder, granules, or pellets. We have three different models that provide production output ranging from 25000 capsules per hour to 45000 capsules per hour. The machine provides a high degree of automation with higher levels of filling weight accuracy. The machine is made as per GMP standards having all Stainless-Steel covering. A machine has wide usage in R&D laboratories, Research Institutions, Herbal & Nutraceutical preparations, Unani & Ayurvedic medicines, Pilot batch productions, etc.

We can provide line equipment naming Capsule Conveying System, Capsule Polishing Machine, Dust Extractor, Damage Capsule Sorter, and Empty Capsule Ejector to make complete Semi Automatic Capsule Filling Line.

The Semi Auto. capsule filling machine allows for higher degree of automation when compared to manual capsule filling machine, thus ensuring higher level of filling weight accuracy. This capsule filling machine is deemed apt for the operation of capsule filling of varying sizes with powders, granules or pellets. With the GMP standards manufacturing methods employed for semi automatic capsule filling machine, it comes with an all Stainless-Steel covering. The machine is capable of yielding high outputs, i.e. 25000 to 47000 capsules/hour that depends on the size of capsule and operator’s skill-set. It performs the operation of on line polishing & sorting. Polishing of the tablets do not require operators and there is no need for a separate storage for filled capsule. The semi-automatic capsule filling machine has a four speed auger that allows it to operate and fill different types of powder & pellets. Filling table of the machine has variable speed that aids in achieving high dosage accuracy. Semi automatic capsule filler incorporates automatic capsule loading system to ensure faster, safer, closure and ejection of filled capsules. It also has an automatic drug hopper in-feed mechanism to eliminate any variation in weight and thus ensures in high productivity.

The semi-automatic capsule line is equipped with automatic Capsule conveying system that transports the completely filled capsules to capsule polishing machine from semi automatic capsule filling machine or where they need to convey. The process is completely automatic without human hands interactions with the help of a pump that sucks and move the filled capsules. automatic polishing machine for cleaning the capsules. It uses a rotating brush to carry out the operation. The polishing chamber comprises of a rotating spiral brush that removes the powder particles from the surface of the capsules after being fed. This chamber is also connected to the vacuum cleaner to suck out the de-dusted powder in order to clean the chamber. The semi auto capsule filling line also comprise of an empty capsule ejector. It checks whether the capsules are filled or not and ejects those capsules that are empty due to some machine error. Capsule ejection takes place due to the air force applied on the capsules. Damage capsule sorter removes the diametrically distorted capsules from the lot and only allows the perfect sized capsules to pass through. It is a part of semi-automatic capsule filling line machine and ensures only well proportionate & sized capsules.

The entire arrangement of the semi-automatic capsule filler is quite uncomplicated. At first, the capsules are transferred to the hopper whose size varies from 00 to 5. In a separate corkscrew driven hopper, the powders are again transferred that ensures a constant fill in every single capsule. Vacuum sucker is also utilized in this process for the purpose of sorting the capsules individually and later fill them into the loading rings (size differing from 00 to 5). The operator, then makes use of vacuum in order to bifurcate the capsules.


Filling Capsules with powder, pellets & granules

Usage: How to use capsule filling machine for different purpose

 Pharmaceutical, Nutritional, Biotech, Health Supplement, Food Product & Cosmetics


Hard Gelatine, HPMC & Veg Capsules in 00, 0, 1, 2, 3, 4 & 5 sizes


Single Loader, Double Loader, Mini Model


  • features of semi automatic capsule filling machine

    • cGMP Model.
    • PLC based Machine.
    • All contacts parts are SS 316.
    • A unique design help offers easy changeover of different size capsules.
    • We filled weight accuracy within ±3%.
    • A simple operation system helps the operator to take training within 15 minutes.
    • Automatic declutching of the loader helps minimize the operator’s attention and ensures optimum production.
    • Simple structure and low malfunction make it easy to maintain and clean.
    • Quick changeover of parts significantly reduces downtime of the Machine during product change.
    • Low noise & maintenance.
    • Main Drive: 1 HP, 440 Volts, 3 Phase, 50 Hz 75 rpm.
    • Filling Drive: 0.5 HP, 440 Volts, 3 Phase, 50 Hz, 750 rpm.
    • Vacuum Pump Motor : 3 HP, 440 Volts, 3 Phase, 50 Hz, 1440 rpm.
    • Vacuum: 720 mm of Hg at 1000 Ltrs/Min.
    • Compressed Air : 200 Ltrs/Min (8 cfm) at 100 Psi.

Model SACF – 12
MOC of Loading Ring LM4 Aluminium alloy
Number of Holes/Ring Size 00: 120
Size 0: 180
Size 1, 2, 3, 4 & 5: 240
Production Output 6,000 to 12,000 capsules/hour
Loader Drive 0.25 H.P.
Auger Drive 0.5 H.P.
Filling Table Drive 0.5 HP
Vacuum Pump / Vacuum 1.00 H.P.
1000 Ltrs/min, 30CFM, 500mm – 20” of Hg
Electrical Characteristics 440 Volts, 3 Phase, 50 Hertz, 4 Wire System
Compressed Air 200 Litres/minute (8 cfm) at 100 PSI
Overall Dimension 1200mm (L) x 700mm (W) x 1600mm (H)
Net weight 600 kgs. Approx.













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