Uses and features of single sided rotary tableting machine (CGMP)



It is a square GMP model/ SINGLE-SIDED ROTARY TABLETING MACHINE (cGMP)/promising unmatched quality for small-batch Production. Safety/enhanced performance/cleanability, and ease of operation are its most significant features. It can select the suitable model based on the tooling and output requirement from the 16, 20 & 12 stations with “D,” “D,” & “SPECIAL” tooling, respectively. The 12 station model is available with “SPECIAL” tooling and tunnel type cam track having a maximum tablet diameter of 40mm & a maximum depth of fill of 30mm.

Single Rotary Tablet Press Machine: The single rotary tablet press machine is highly compatible and is extensively used in industries like- pharmaceutical, food, etc. It is designed for small batch production. The machine’s hopper capacity is 4 liters, and the number of stations varies from 9 to 13. The main pressure and Pre-pressure of a single rotary tablet press machine can be altered. Both values depend on the size of the compress and the filling depth. They also depend on the physical specification of the material that is used for compression.

A tablet press is a mechanical device that is used to manufacture tablets by compressing the powder. The tablets, hence produced, are of uniform size & weight. These machines have the competency to manufacture various tablets for multiple industries, ranging from pharmaceuticals and nutraceuticals to industrial pellets and cosmetics.
A tablet press machine makes use of granulated powder to produce the pills. The two punches and a die form a cavity in which the powder is forced to enter. The punches are then pressed together with a great force to fuse the material. There are two types of tablet press machines available, namely- single-punch and rotary tablet press. A single punch pill press machine uses a single set of tooling, i.e., a die & a pair of upper and lower punches. On the other hand, the rotary press comprises multiple tooling stations that rotate to compress powder and form tablets.
A pill press machine is a mechanical device that produces a tablet by compressing the granulated powder. It consists of 2 punches and a die, which forms a cavity. The powder is metered through this cavity, and the punches press together to fuse this powder. There are 2 types of tablet press machine preferred widely, i.e., single-punch and rotary tablet presses.

  • In compliance with cGMP guidelines
  • Turret of SG IRON 500/7 Graded Casting
  • Robust with high quality Engineering
  • Small batch production
  • Safe/ Simple to operate and easy to maintain
  • Higher Turret RPM up to 42
  • Main Motor AC Variable Frequency Drive (optional)
  • Force Feeder (optional)
  • Aluminium covers for Turret teeth

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