Manufacturing process and its features

Tablet Dies & Punches

Tablet Dies & Punches

We manufacture Tablet Dies and Punches or Tablet Tooling. We manufactured these under strict Quality Control and all the quality parameters.

The tablet Punches are sent for Despatch. We follow the manufacturing process according to the rule book. Tablet Dies and Punches can be manufactured in several shapes and sizes; we manufacture Tablet Punch for D tooling, B tooling, BB tooling Machine.

Bombay Engineering Works is the manufacturer of a wide range of products, including pharmaceutical tablet punches & dies, ss tablet punches, dies; pharmaceutical die punches, ss modern tablet punches & dies.


We are manufacturing with high technology on the precision tooling with best Punches & Dies -tablet tooling for the tablets B, D, BB, DB with different shapes and sizes produced. We make as per orders tablet tooling – Punches & Dies, which cannot be selling from the stock, each & every customer- tablet tooling with punches & dies are custom-made.

Compression Tools & its Description for tooling of Rotary tablet press and tablet compression machine

  • D tooling Barrel Diameter is 1 inch Head Diameter is 1, and ¼th inch length is 5.25 inch Dies outer diameter is 0.945 inch.
  • BB Tolling Barrel Diameter is 0.75-inch Head Diameter is 1-inch length is 5.25 inch Dies outer diameter is 30.16 mm.
  • BB Tooling B tooling is the same as BB’s, only difference because the lower punch length is just 3 and 9/16th inches long.
  • DB Tooling Punch Length and Diameter of DB tooling are similar to D tooling, but the die diameter varies between them.
  • D tooling dies and punches usually have a greater diameter of the tip of punches than B type tolling, which makes D type tooling ideal for compression of big size tablets.


  • Easy to use
  • Longer service life
  • Low maintenance
  • 1. OHNS (T) Oil Hardened Nonshrinking steel (Tungsten) – AISI 01
    2. HCHC – High carbon High chromium steel – AISI D3
  • Tooling size as per EURO, IPT Standards, and Special tooling.
  • It can be manufactured in any shape of tooling.
  • Can be manufactured Multi tips and Polo type tooling.
  • Careful matching of material and hardness.
  • Trouble-free fitting and removal
  • Manufactured to the smallest tolerances.
  • High Precision finish.

Types of Dies and Punches:

  • tablet Dies and Punches for Round Shape Tablet
  • Die and Punches for Tablet with Hole- Polo Type Tablet
  • Die and Punches for Odd Shape Tablet
  • Multi-Tip Punches and Dies
  • Dies and Punches for Bolus / Slug Tablet
  • Types:- “D,” “B,” BB” and “DB” Tooling
  • We can supply dies and punches with NICKLE PLATING, PLASMA COATING on Request

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