In rapid mixer granulator, the creation of granules happens by intensifying, revolving and plummeting motion of material. Dry mixing is completed by accumulation of all elements into the RMG by revolution of impeller and grinder at extreme speed.

Rapid Mixer Granulator series is categorised by the dense creation, contemporary design and all the operator and upkeep friendly qualities which builds the ergonomics enterprise features are vital for a varied assortment of application.

The Rapid Mixer Granulator completes dry mixing as well as wet granulating by rudimentary design of the distinct limb of the fraternization impeller and arrangements of the mixing procedure in the cylindrical fraternization drum with curved linking to the base plate realise another singular effect. The mixing procedure runs without fluctuating pressure zone in the capacity of mixing merchandise.


  • Mixing, massing plus granulation are all made within an insufficient minute in the similar piece of apparatus.
  • Gravity encumbered
  • Unit formula sustained
  • Forms anticipated wet granule speedily
  • Less wetting and additional quick drying
  • Consistently dry mixes hurriedly: color spreading is outstanding; can eradicate premixes of accumulation by geometric movement


Rapid Mixer Granulators (RMG) are chiefly utilized for tablet manufacturing procedure which needs homogenous fraternisation, measured granule dimension and at the similar time promising great reduction in dispensation time.

The anticipated granulation mechanism can be separated into three stages.


The granulation twitches with bond among elements owing to liquid bridges and the creation of agglomerates at vessel state.


Nuclei can cultivate in two likely ways: either solitary elements can be putted to the nuclei by pendular bonds, otherwise two or more nuclei may syndicate.     The collective nuclei will be redesigned by the anxiety of the cradle. This stage is categorised by the existence of many minor granules with an inclusive size dispersal. If the dimension distribution is not unreasonably large, this point signifies an appropriate termination point for granules utilized in capsule plus tablet production.

Ball growth: Additional granule growth harvests large, globular granules and the mean element dimension of the granulating system will upsurge with time.