1. The tube filling machines reduce labor cost as the work is done by machines itself there is no need to hire staff for packing which drastically reduces the cost. The only cost is installation and maintenance cost which is lower than the labor cost.
  2. Tube Filling Machine save time and increase production at the same time as machines are more efficient than labor. As labor may get tired and their working capacity decreases with every increase in production unit.
  3. There is no scope for damage of products while packing as machines do their work precisely as compared to labor as sometimes they may make mistake which leads to loss of production.
  4. These tube filling machines gives uniformity and accuracy to the products which physical labor could not deliver as each and every person is different and has different speed of packing hence packaging of products may differ from person to person on the other hand machine works consistently and provides uniform packing of products.
  5. These machines are user friendly and have simple operations so that they can be used by anyone and there is no need to hire technician for this job. They take instructions and work accordingly.
  6. These machines can be easily re-programmed for packing products of different size and shape. There is no need to buy different machines for packing of different size tubes it can be done on the same machine with some minor changes in the instructions.

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