Uses and features of tray dryer

Tray Dryer

Tray Dryer

Pharmaceutical Dryers

Dryers are used in a variety of industries, such as the food processing, pharmaceutical, paper, pollution control and agricultural sectors. Diverse materials need to be dried in completely different businesses, such as chemicals for research and medical concerns, paper for printing and packaging operations and edible materials for further processing into popular foods and snacks.

Dryers are used to remove liquids or moisture from bulk solids, powders, parts, continuous sheets or other liquids by evaporation or sublimation. Dryers can be broken up into two main types: direct and indirect. Direct dryers convectively heat a product through direct contact with heated air, gas or a combusted gas product. Indirect dryers conductively heat a product through contact with a heated wall.

There are various types of Dryer used in Pharmaceutical Industries

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what is a tray dryer?

The tray dryer is used for the drying of the wet products of the crude drugs, chemicals, powders or the granules, etc.

Cabinet including heater at the bottom which is the simplest form of drying is a laboratory oven. 

These ovens are of very little value because there is no control of the heat transfer or humidity.

Assuming a fan fitted to the oven. In that case, the forced hot air circulated, increasing the heat transfer, and reducing the local valor concentrations. Despite this, there is no adequate control.

The best type of tray dryer or tray drying machine is that of the directed circulation form. The controlled flowing system offers heated air across the material. 

The material spread on the tiers of the trays to dry quickly. The trays used have solid, perforated, or wire mesh bottoms.

The screen tras are lined with paper to circulate across rather than through the drying materials.

The paper is used as a disposable tray liner to reduce cleaning time and prevent contamination.

The uniform temperature and air in a modern tray dryer use a well-insulated cabinet with strategically placed fans and heating coils.

There is an alternate arrangement of the shelves so that air can flow uniformly without any obstructions. The fitted heater design helps provide reheated air before passing through each frame.

When the air passes over each shelf, a certain amount of heat helps provide latent heat for vaporization. The correct design offers reasonable control of heat and humidity in such types of dryers.

Tray drying process

tray dryer is a conventional drying equipment with enclosed insulated chambers and trays placed on top of each other in a trolley. the driers are used in process where drying and heating are crucial part of the industrial manufacturing process such as in food products, pharmaceutical, dyestuff and chemical manufacturing among others .the material to be dried are either solid or wet are placed on the trays

the heat through the trays is transferred via hot air circulation by a steam in a radiator coil or electric heater. the transfer of heat as well as the proper circulation of heat is facilitated by the installed blower fans additionally the equipment has control panel for temperature control as well as other parameters fixed outside the equipment and assisted its functioning 
the basic working principle of this machine is continuous circulation of hot air in the tray dryer moisture is removed from the solids that are placed in the trays by a forced conventional heating the moist air is removed is conducted partially but in a simultaneous fashion 
initially the wet solids are loaded into the trays and the trays placed in the dryer chamber. there is then the introduction of fresh air through the inlet. the air passes through the heaters where it is heated up. the objective of the heating is to ensure that heated air reaches the wet solids on the tray therefore the fan in the tray dryer are used to circular the hot air at a speed of 2 to 5 metre per second. the turbulent flow reduces atmospheric partial vapour pressure and thickness of the layers of air boundary
the heated air picks of water. during water evaporation from the surface that is diffusion of the water from the interior of the solids by a capillary action all the above mentioned events happen in a single pass of air there is a short contact time and only a small amount of water is picked in a single pass and as a result the discharge air to the rate of 80 to 90% is circulated back through the fans and only maximum of 20% of fresh air is introduced 
the moisture discharge occur through the outlet there for uniform air flow and constant temperature over the solid material can be maintained for achieving uniform drying. in the event the material to be dried are wet granules such as in capsules or tablet drying. drying is continued until the desired moisturizer content is attained at the completion of the drying process. the drying trucks or trays are pulled out of the chamber and taken to the trade dumping station.
 in totality the large working space, strudy construction, controlled temperature uniform air circulation and basic principle for the functionality of tray dryer. it is any equipment with an admirable and exquisite ability to assist in the drying of plastic and chemical powder, electrodes, bakery, food among the other equipments.

  • SURFACE FINISH: EXTERNAL: Buffed to 150 grit matt finish, INTERNAL: Buffed to 220 grit mirror finish.
  • INLET & OUTLET: All dryers have a 5-micron pre-filter at the inlet and a manually infinite adjustable damper at the outlet.
  • DOOR: Doors at the front or rear side of the tray dryer. Door lips are lined with a silicon rubber gasket to prevent any leakages, The suitable locking systems at the doors.
  • AIR CIRCULATION: In-built recirculation blowers design helps circulate air inside the tray dryer. The blower capacity, static & design depends on the size and model of the dryer. 
  • HEATING: Dryers usually are supplied with either steam/ electric/ thermic fluid / hot water heating system, engineered with suitable heating coils/clarifiers in the dryer.
  • TEMPERATURE CONTROL: The temp control system with an electronic digital temp controller fitted in the control panel. The temp control in the dryer is fully automatic.
  • TRAYS: Trays are available in S.S. 304 / 316. All trays are altogether die pressed and with coved corners. We also buffer the tray to mirror finish. Trays are also available in aluminum / Polypropylenes / FRP / M.S. galvanized as per client requirements.
  • TROLLEY: A trolley is provided in the dryers to accommodate trays in it. Trolley trucks help to load and unload the trays into the dryer.
  • CONTROL PANEL: Automatic Control panel on the side of the dryer. It consists of Starters, contactors, safety relays, ckt breakers, indicating lamps, pushbuttons, timers, controllers, etc.

Tray dryer specification

MODELS TD-12 TD-24 TD-48 TD-96 TD-192
Loading capacity 12 Trays 24 Trays 48 Trays 96 Trays 192 trays
External Dimension in mm


( W X D X H )

1370 X 530 X 940 1370 X 940 X 940 1980X1020X1880 3320X1900X1880 3320X1900X1880
Internal Dimension in mm 840 X 430 X 840 840 X 860 X 840 1020 X930 X1830 1960 X930 X1830 1960 X930 X1830
No of Doors One One One Two Two
No of Blowers One Two One Two Four
No of motors/H.P.3 PHASE 415 VOLTS. 1/0.5 H.P.3 phase


415 volts.

1/0.5 H.P.3 phase 415 volts 1/1 H.P.3 phase 415 volts 2/1 H.P.3 phase 415 volts Four/1 H.P. each 3 phase 415 volts
Electrical Heating Load for 100°C / 200°C / 300°C 3kw/6kw/9kw 6kw/9kw/12kw 9kw/15kw/18kw 15kw/21kw/27kw 36kw/42kw/48kw
Steam Heater No. of coils. 2 2 2 2 2
Steam Pressure 3.3 kg/cm2 3.3 kg/cm2 3.3 kg/cm2 3.3 kg/cm2 3.3 kg/cm2
Steam consumption 25 LBS/hr 45 LBS/hr 60 LBS/hr 80 LBS/hr 120 LBS/hr
Insulation in mm


100°C / 200°C / 300°C

50/75/75 50/75/75 50/75/75 50/75/75 50/75/75
No of Trolleys Rack System Rack System One Two Four
Tray Size 812 X 406 X 31 812 X 406 X 31 812 X 406 X 31 812 X 406 X 31 812 X 406 X 31
Trolley Dimension Fixed Racks Fixed Racks 840 X 960 X 1780 840 X 960 X 1780 840 X 960 X 1780

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